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Hamilton for Oklahoma is committed to bringing new ideas and new leadership to Washington D.C. It's a nice campaign statement right? I'll be blunt, America and indirectly our state is in deep cowpie.  The national debt, inflation, interest rates to buy big ticket items needed for life and business, it is all unsustainable.  Then we have China, Russia and radical Islam that want to destroy our country and our way of life. Not since the Cold War have I felt so insecure in the future.


Our district is the heart of what makes America great! We believe in hard work, faith, and leaving a positive legacy for our kids and future generations. I chose to run for Congress as someone that loves Oklahoma and our nation. As a promise to keep the legacy of hard work alive by fighting for better job opportunities, improving our rural schools, and making public safety in our district a top priority. In my career I have gained extensive experience with government, I know what it takes to navigate complicated governmental agencies, find solutions, and get things done.  I don't want to go to D.C. to govern, I want to improve the lives of my constituents with hope, security and a future.


The Constitution was created to protect Americans from government, to preserve our sacred God given rights. The Constitution defines every American Citizen as a sovereign, as great as any royalty or ruling class, instead we have an Administrative State that dictates to us what our rights are and how they are limited.  The Administrative State dictates how we are a collective and must be more responsible individually to the environment and in the public square, using those arguments to limit our God given individual rights specifically proclaimed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the same one our families fought and died to preserve!  This abridgment of our sovereign rights is unacceptable, and is the first fight I will take to Congress. We must return to the basics of our Constitution and I will do everything I can to erase the erosion to our rights that has taken place since our great nation's founding.  This is my first priority, because without it, nothing else matters.

Our nation's debt is far beyond sustainable.  For every year we have Federal elections, all of a sudden the politicians asking for your vote say they want a balanced budget, fiscal reform in Washington D.C., and for conservatives, a reduction in spending on our Federal Government.  Not since Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America has anything close to it been accomplished, that was in 1994. That was 30 years ago!  Instead D.C. has spent away our tax dollars at catastrophic rates.  Have you looked at our National Debt Clock?  $34,000,000,000,000 in debt, growing at unimaginable speed and our debt to GDP ratio now at 122%!  You wonder why we have inflation, you wonder why interest rates are out of control? The politicians will tell you it was wars, national disasters and the pandemic that got us here, it wasn't their fault. It's not like they were ever able to fix it, because well, politics.  I won't stand for it, I will talk about it every time I have access to the media, every time I have access to speak on the floor or in committee.  We have to fix it, otherwise we do not have a country we can even try to fight for!

Without the first two priorities, we cannot have the prosperity past generations have enjoyed.  The Pursuit of Happiness, domestic Tranquility, Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity, these basic ideals from our founding documents are the path to prosperity along with free markets within our nation and fair trade with other nations. Our industrial heart of America still needs rebuilt and there is ample opportunity to bring some of that development and jobs to our district. Our agricultural base and natural resources are matters of national security, not some Farm Bill started in 1933 that comes up for renewal ever so often to drive a crisis or be used to get 1.5 trillion in government pork passed! Taxed Enough Already? Our Federal Government is a literal monster devouring our tax dollars for their projects and the interests that control them. The general welfare are roads, safety, security in order to conduct business and go where we choose, it is not for handouts to those unwilling to participate in the system or those that break our laws.  Some hard realities must be faced before we can get back on the road to prosperity.  I will tell it like it is. I will take the now cliche torments hurled by the Socialists and Communists destroying our country and throw them back at them. It is a fight and we must stand up, not cower that we will be called names or not get re-elected. To get back to real prosperity, not the false one the media repeats from Federal and National sources, it will be a fight, and we have the law of the land on our side!

The hurdles we face to get back the basics our country was founded on will be difficult to clear.  Based on the decline I think all of us have witnessed over the last several decades, it might even be painful to achieve. But for our Posterity, our future generations, we have to face this task and get across the finish line. Every election cycle we get a few bright stars and a lot of dull ones to do the same job they have been doing. The recent fight for Speaker of the House shows the disunity in the Republican Party and it has to change.  The status quo will not do it, we have to literally clean the House. A vote for me will not be in vain, this is my promise.

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